Weekly In-House Schedule

Sunday :

   Sunday Word School @ 9:30 am
   New Member's Orientation @ 9:45 am
   Sunday Word School Review @ 10:30 am
   Worship, Praise, and Exhortation @ 11:00 am


Youth Ministry & Choir Rehearsal @ 6:00 pm

Wednesday :

   Women's Mission Ministry @ 5:30 pm
   Prayer & Word Study @ 6:30 pm
   Sanctuary Mass Choir Rehearsal  @ 7:30 pm
( Wed. before 1st & 3rd Sundays )

Saturday :

   Ministry Of Men  @ 6:00 pm
( Sat. before 2nd & 4th Sundays )
   Men's Chorus Rehearsal @ 7:00 pm
( Sat. before 4th Sunday )

1st Half Of Year 2018

January 1st

A happy & prosperous New Year

January 15th

We honor the work and legacy of
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

January 21st @ 11:00 am

Installation of newly elected and
re-instated officers to serve at
St. Beulah Baptist Church.

February 1st - 28th

We celebrate the struggle, sacrifice,
and success of many Afro-Americans  

March 25th @ 3:00 pm

St. Beulah Baptist Church honors
their pastor and wife for  a combined
31 years years of leadership.
Pastor Joe Davis Sr. and the
New Pilgrim Baptist Church
of Beaumont
will be special guest

There is only one scheduled appointment we find  beyond our knowledge, and that is when we're going to see the ' King '.  According to the word of God, ' no man knows the day, nor hour when Jesus is coming to receive His people.
Mark 13:32-37
St. Beulah's Weekly & Semi-Annual Schedule
Every scheduled event in this will come to
 pass!!!!!! The prophetic word of God is older 
than the book looks!  God has spoken,
Let the church say, ' Amen '