Our Statement
Of  Faith
  L. We believe that marriage was first instituted by God, and it is to be continued in the exact same manner un-
       to this very present day. He sanctioned it to be between both male and female ( man and woman ), which is
       not of the same sex (Genesis 1:27, 2:24 ). We also believe  this  kind  of relationship  between two of     
       the same  sex  is  an abomination  before  the  Lord ( Leviticus 18:22 ). Our  faith  is executing  what 
       we believe.Therefore, ministers  of  the  true faith will not  perform a ceremony outside  the relation-
       ship of a heterosexual  couple.
St. Beulah Missionary Baptist Church

410 Kirby St. - Silsbee, Texas 77656

We live by it !