" The Roman Road To Salvation "
If you're like most people, whether you're lost, religous, or saved, you have often wondered where the exact location of Hell is.  According to the word of God, it is located in the lower part, or center core of the Earth ( Ephesians 4:9 ) . The Lord Jesus spoke of the rich man and a beggar called Lazarus that died, and the rich man also died, but the rich man lifted up his eyes from Hell, indicating he was in a lower place ( Luke 16:23 ).  Hell is a permanent holding place for all that die without experiencing the Roman Road adventure.  

Now that you have visited our first page, let's have a business discussion. I do mean soul business! Are you saved? If you should die at this very moment, are you confident you would spend eternity in Heaven?  If you're not,  follow the vital information listed below in the Roman Road application.  If you don't accept the offer, I doubt very seriously the rest of  the pages within this website are going to be a blessing to you.
St. Beulah Baptist Church