The word of God is the framing, blueprint power of God. Without it being first spoken, nothing, or any being would have ever existed.  God is all powerful over all that has ever existed, and will always be just that. If you grasp a bit of retrospect, God could have created all in silence, but, instead, he spoke the word and everything appeared as he spoke it.  This is the reason why we as people of God are commissioned to believe it and speak it, and in the  very essence of this permeation process, it will come to pass.
     The Lord knew from the very beginning that if there was hope for mankind, it was the belief and executing of his word.  God knew that the entire human race would be concieved and born into sin. His perfect plan was to permeate the  entire world with the existence of his rhema word, due to
the world being infected by the deadly virus of sin.  One man was considered as the host transmitter ( Romans 5:12 ) of that virus. So, God  anointed and appointed secretaries to begin to speak what he had said privately to them.  Without printed documents, it was a difficult task for that individual to convince the hearers they had heard from God. He selected and inspired other secretarial writers to compile sixty six books including both old and new testament scriptures ( II Timothy 3:16 ) . God upgraded from his initial  engraving and carving on stones  to scrolls of his law and order for mankind to believe and obey. God not only had secretaries to engrave and write, but, he also  called mail carriers to deliver the antidote for all that were born infected with this deadly virus.  He called them apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists and teachers ( Ephesians 4:11 ).  Just as Adam was the host carrier of the deadly virus, Jesus has the antidote for the worlds deadly infection, that is his blood ( Matt. 26:28 ). it has been been previously mentioned that all things that happened and will happen is based on what the word has previously said.  
     The engravers and secretaries have concluded their work, and the mail carriers are still delivering the rhema mail, but, the blood washed, cross bought, spirit filled body of Christ has to take the rhema mail from the box ( the pulpit ) and inject the virus infected world at large that they be saved also. 
             Have A Cup With  The Pastor
            ( Caution! It's hot , and it's not de-caffeinated. )
Let's Have Another Cup !
What is the actual true worship of God? Good question!

Let's examine what Jesus said to the Samaritan woman. In John 4:21, Jesus implied that true worship would no longer have a designated location to give God this special service. In verse 22, he implies that ignorance of whom, or what you worship is invalid.  Paul addressed this issue in Athens ( Acts 17:23 );  he observed an alter with the inscription " To the unknown God " erected in front of their assembly. He said they were guilty of ignorantly worshiping him. The first initial step towards a true worship is to know God.  Don't be shocked if I told you there are many individuals that attend local assemblies that confess him, but are far from knowing him. There is a familar expression that  many  use in reference to the supreme deity of God, and that is " the old man upstairs ".  The  absolute resolving of this matter is  God is not a man ( Numbers 23:19a ).
It's impossible to know whom, what he is, neither have a spiritual relationship with him unless you are a born again word keeper ( I John 2:4-6 ).
In Psalm 150:6, the psalmist indicates that God desires the whole breathing creation to praise him. This indicates that a person does not have to be saved, but, you must be a breathing creature. Jesus  tells the woman in verse 23 that the Father is in pursuit of true worshipers. Psalm 150:6 exhorts everything to praise God, But, he does not say that God is in pursuit of praisers. The  reason is that all that truly worship God are truthful in their spirits, and have committed their ways to him. Not all that render praises are sincere and born again. 
Well, my friend, the last swig of this cup is that true worship is when your spirit bows down and says YES to the Lord's will. To worship the Lord is a 24/7 - 365 day obligation to obey him, and not only on Sunday mornings.

 One Spirit Baptism Towards Many Spirit Fillings

There is only one time necessary to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and it is the only time a
 believer will receive this initial baptism. Yes, initial! The word of God states that He baptizes us into the body ( I Cor. 12 :13 ). You may, or may not be able to observe a manifested gift of the Spirit, but, when one is filled with the Spirit, manifestations of a gift, or gifts will appear. Please be mindful that only one baptism will happen to you, but you are subject to be filled a number of times while you live a saved life. Notice the 4th and 5th chapters of Ephesians as to how the one baptism is mentioned in 4:5, and the filling is compared to being drunk with wine in 5:18. Many will have you to believe that all are to speak in an unknown tongue. But, true doctrine of the word declares in I Cor. 12:4-10 that the body of Christ will have different gifts manifested to us by the Lord's choosing by the selfsame Spirit, and tongues is no greater than the remaining eight. God has so perfected the purpose and ability of each born again member, and He does not have all of us doing the same thing. What if all of your body organs and parts did precisely the same identical thing? You would be a  package of total human confusion. That is, if you lived. Therefore, as God has so created the human body, likewise He has done with the body of Christ. It is not true doctrine that states :  ' You receive the Spirit and at a later date you are baptized with the Spirit ' .  Receiving the Spirit and baptized by the Spirit are both one and the same, regardless as to whether you can recognize your gift, or not.  But, Spirit fillings are subject to come and go. Conditions, or circumstances often cause Spirit fillings to come and go. Elijah was operating in a high level of Spirit control on Mt. Carmel and fire rained down from Heaven and the enemy was defeated   (  I Kings  18:20-40).  But, after a threatening message from Jezebel he flees for his life in fear and desired the Lord to take his life ( I Kings 19:1-18 ). This is an example of being filled one day and below par the next. Being filled with the Spirit doesn't have a thing to do with your human emotions, nor your cultural, or your human biological ethics. When one is Spirit filled, it simply means he is Spirit controlled and under the total influence of God's authority and submissive to Him. A Spirit filled life enhances an abundant life without fear, worry, anxiety, etc. ( John 10:10b ) . 
The Framing Authority Of The Word Of God !

Let's Discuss The Rapture, Or The Snatching Away Of The Church !

The term rapture is not mentioned in your bible, but followers of Christ gave this event that title relating to the rapt of God's faithful. The term rapt means ' the carrying away with enthusiasm '. The term rapid means ' very quick, or swift '. The term rapture is ' with extreme pleasure, or delight '.  According to I Cor. 15:52, it states that it will be in a moment. A moment has always been quicker than a minute. The dead in Christ shall be raised incorruptible, and that we believers that are alive shall be changed from corruptible  to incorruptible. During this moment it will be unnecessary  to have to say ' beam me up Lord '. There be no time for it, and furthermore, your faithfulness will speak for you.  In 1 Thess. 4:13-17, the apostle begins by saying that our ignorance is not tolerated concerning the dead that are sleeping in the Lord.  If we believe that the Lord died and rose, the Lord will bring the spirits of deceased believers with him to earth suspended in mid-air  after he shouts, with the voice of the archangel, and the trumpet of God. The graveyards, waters, etc. will release the remains, regardless as to whether they're composed, or decomposed. The corruptible remains of deceased believers will  receive new incorruptible bodies without sin and flaw. Those of us that are alive during this change will also go up without sin and flaw. We will be taken away to be with the Lord for a 7 year period engaged in the ' MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB '.  During this 7 year period on earth, the tribulation of horrific suffering and deception will be ushered in.  The image and mark of the beast will be in full execution. Those that receive the mark will be eternally rejected by God. They that refuse the mark will be killed.
            The raptoral season is ' NOW '. How long will it last?  God knows ! But observe the signs that have been, and still are in existence that the Lord spoke of in Matthew 24:4-15. He tells us what to do. He says ' stand in the holy place, which is the word of God - Matt. 24:15.  Take notice of the world getting worse and worse. You cannot change, nor alter the prophetic word. Just prepare for it with the Lord as your Savior and commit to his ways.

The Best 911 To Connect To

We as a nation of people have been urged to dial  a  certain number called 911 whenever danger is near, or when there is a health threatening situation. I urge you to do just that whenever needed. But God offers a much more favorable plan. It's more secure due to you not having to hurry to a phone. In Psalm 91:1 (911), The psalmist declares in verse one (1) that it's a locked live in connection. ' He that dwelleth (lives) in the secret place of the Most High shall abide (stay) under the shadow(protection) of the Almighty '. This verse presents a 911 you don't have to dial. All you have to do is make God's secret place ( His word ) your daily habitation by believing and doing it. It's secretive because an un-believer cannot open it up, and above all, he cannot understand it.  I'm a firm believer that anything you cannot open, you cannot enter into. The verses that follow in this 91st chapter simply declares all of the fringe benefits that God promises to all that executes verse one(1). The first verse is simply your application to receive the remainder. The following verses are all the Lord's executing. He promises health, protection, salvation, prosperity, etc.  Which 911 are you trusting in ?

  • People of every nation have been informed of the COVID-19, aka CORONAVIRUS.  We have knowledge that it's deadly, and is daily consuming lives by the hundreds. Unfortunately, all of this is true. It has affected the stock market, international trades, businesses, work places, schools, family and social gatherings, etc., and last, but not least, church gatherings. We have been instructed as to how to minimize the spread of this dreadful plague, such as staying home, purchasing needful supplies and food during your quarantine, no more than 10 people in a public place that you need to go, and keeping a distance of six feet apart. Medical supplies have run short on treating those that are infected. A great number of churches have shut their doors, and forced to execute online streaming services, or no church at all. 
  • All of the safe measures should be executed with full discretion.  But, as a believing man of God, I'm very attentive to the fact that very little is being said as to WHY all of this is happening. We all know ' WHAT IS '. But, ' WHY IS '.  The virus is preaching to us daily and creating a turmoil of fear and panic in every nation. We're texting each other with advice as to how to wash down in addition to all kinds of remedies to help stay alive. But, is anyone hearing what the MOST HIGH has said ?
  • I apologize to no one because of my faith in God, and what God said.  First of all, why is this plague upon us ? It's because God is angry ! His anger  is unlike ours as humans. We're quick to express anger, but, he's slow to anger, but, he still has plenty mercy ( Psalm 103:8 ). God gets angry when we continuously say that what he says doesn't mean anything. Nations have endorsed sin and abominations as a right way of life. We don't even want Jesus prayers and devotions in our educational institutions, no public Christmas nativity displays, no ten commandments hung in public buildings, legalized marijuana sold across public counters, legalized gay marriages in every state in America, and other nations, race divisions and hate groups that have murdered thousands, street gangs killing innocent children. This is just to name a few. Yes, he's ANGRY !  He's shaking the nations with this plague, ( Haggi 2:6-9  ). In verse 8 he let's us know who owns all the money. Can't you see how he's shaking us with this virus, and rapidly decreasing the flow of money. All of the sports box offices have been closed, and many other money-flowing social events. The world-wide Jesus churches have always been ordained by God to be the main assembly of all believers to be the primary location to be instructed by God, to hear him, and obey him. When this is applied, God's glory is executed. The more we attend and hear him, the more we are subject to be transformed by the renewing of our minds ( Romans 12:2 ) to be more like him.  God is in pursuit of getting his glory at any cost. He'll shake us to get it. He'll brake us to get it. He'll quake us to get it. Haven't you observed the old and new testaments attention towards assembling before God. Neither testament rules out assembling together. In fact, Hebrews 10:25 states that we're not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. The body of a human does not have body parts separated, if so, it's a deceased body. The body of Christ, which is the church, should be assembled together as human body parts. God is alarming the world, and the church to get saved and assemble to be governed by his commandments, and not by sinful abominational rulings.
  • If you want to be saved from this massive outbreak of COVID-19, let me give you the secured word of God. Psalm 91:1 is the most secured 911 that you'll ever have. He says in verse 1,  ' He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. His secret place is his holy word, accompanied  by continuous prayer. Dwell in it, and not merely visit it on Sunday morning. The following verses offers guaranteed fringe benefits, if you apply verse 1.  Verse 7 is in reference to lives being lost and affected by this present virus. In this verse, he says,' a thousand shall fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand, but death won't come near you. Verse 10 is also discreet in this present day. He says,' There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come close to where you live. 
  • God will perform this if you do what he says. He doesn't need our sanitizing lotion, nor alcohol, nor face mask, nor gloves, or sanitary wipes, nor grocery supplies, nor toilet tissue, etc. He'll do it alone if we turn to him completely.
  • Let's continue to take all necessary precautions that's suggested by our authorities, but if you do it without God, you're fighting a losing battle. Change your ways, love whom you haven't loved before, tell others that God loves them and wants them saved. repent of the things that God hates. Remember! All promises that God has made in the entire bible is endorsed through the Lord Jesus Christ. You have to give Jesus your life. If you're in a religion that does not worship Jesus as the only way to salvation, you need to make a change today. Get out of there!