Praise Power
( The most reasonable service to God )

Praise Gives Entry To God's Presence

In the book of Psalm, chapter 100, verse 4a,
the Psalmist says that an entry fee of thanksgiving
is required at the gate of the assembly of God. But, to
enter into the supreme courts where God is, a praise
fee is required .
Praise Is Rendered And Accepted
Through More Than A Person's Mouth 

The psalmist declares that more than a person's
mouth can offer praise, according to Psalm 150:3-5.
He begins these six verses with 1 & 2 ,  indicating
the living flesh render praises, and he also ends
the passage in verse 6 with everything having
breath held responsible to render praise.
- saved, or lost - 
Praise Has The Power To Evict Demons

​After David was summoned by Saul to play his
harp,  he stood before the demon possessed king,
and as he played his instrument, Saul was
 - I Samuel 16:23 -

Praise Power Enjoined With Prayer
Moves God To Deliver And Save

After Paul and Silas were arrested and jailed,
they prayed and sang praises at the stroke of
midnight. God heard and sent a tremor to shake
the building as a bail bondsman to set them free.
The jailor heard them, and not long after, he
and his family were saved.
- Acts 16:25-33 -
Praise Is Required By The Lord To Be Given,
Even If The Rocks Have To Render It

The Lord rebuked some religious ​ leaders concerning praise being offered to him. He stated that if the people didn't praise him, the very rocks would do it.
- Luke 19:28-40 -
Praise Is Already In You Under Fire Power

​From the heart to the mouth of the believer, a praise is similar to a round of ammunition loaded in a cocked pistol. It's ready to be fired
when the hammer hits it. It does not have to be
loaded. The psalmist says it's already loaded 
in your mouth. Everytime you think of the goodness of the Lord, you've got to let it out.
( Psalm 34:1 )
Praise Is The Redeem's Obligation

​If there is anyone held responsible for executing the power of praise, it is they that have been redeemed by the Lord from the curse of the enemy.
Redemption is the 1st runnerup reason why a
a person ought to give praise. But, the primary
reason is because ' HE IS GOD' .
- Psalm 107:2 -
Praise Has The Power To Confuse
The Enemy

​After King Jehoshaphat consulted with his people,
he appointed singers to praise the Lord in the beauty
of holiness. After they began to praise the Lord on the
battlefield, the enemies were confused and began to
attack each other, and they were smitten.
( II Chronicles 20:21-22 )














Praise, It's Definition

' Praise ' in the Hebrew is ' yadah '.
It's pronounced ' yaw-daw ', or ' yar-dar '.
It means to joyfully confess, or testify
as to whom is responsible for a mighty act. 
Put Extra Power In Your Praise
By Executing It Sacrificially 

​It really gets God's attention when you praise him in spite of your pain and all mis-fortunes. We label it as ' PUP '.  It's called :
' Praise Under Pressure '
Paul and Silas, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are primary examples of ' PUP '.
Praise Him! We're Too Poor To Pay Him

​Why not praise the Lord ? It's really all you have to give. Everything else is his by authenticity, ownership, and purpose. If the actual truth be told, we're too poor to pay him for all, or anything he has done. If we attempted to pay him, he would probably respond by saying, that you're trying to pay me with is already mine.  I count it all joy that God has given us a cheap way to respond to him for his goodness.  That is to make a joyful noise for who he is, and what he has done.  
There is a fictional Christmas song that will always give me an example of true praise and worship. The song is ' The Little Drummer Boy '. Following the entrance and departure of the wise men,  He asks permission to play for the new born King. He confesses that he is poor too.
But, he renders his best praise on his drum. He says he has no gift like the wise men. Even though his attire is torn, and his little body is in need of cleansing, he still  presents his best rum-pa-pum-pum. The drum had been cleaned and polished
for the King. The drum represented  his heart.

Praise  God  With  The  Power  Of  Seven

1.  Tow-dah   Praise**   Offering  God  thanksgiving

2.   Ya-dah  Praise  **   The  lifting  of  hands
3.   Ba-ruch  Praise    **    Bless  God  /  kneeling,  or  bowing

4.   Sha-bach  Praise  **   A  radical  shout

5.   Za-mar  Praise   **   On  musical  instruments

6.   Ha-lal  Praise   **   To  show,  rave,  or  boast

7.   Te-hillah   Praise   **   A  combination  of all  praises