But, God Is Bigger !
St. Beulah Baptist Church
The Size Of Your Giant(s) Is In Your Mind

During young David's preparation to challenge the big giant Goliath, he never once was fearful of the size, strength, and experience of his enemy. But, he was constantly mindful of how big God was. He had pre-  viously rehearsed his testimony in the ears of King Saul.  Saul, including all of Israel was reluctant in the young shepherd boy going against someone that was three times his size and weight. David remembered God blessing him to  kill a powerful bear and fero- cious lion that was trying to devour his father's sheep.
        David had surveyed the setup. Here was a giant that was feared by all, and was out to devour his Heavenly Father's sheep. In David's mind, God was far greater and bigger than any lion, bear, or giant.  
        Your giant may threaten you in a different form. You may have a sickness giant, a poverty giant, a financial giant, a relationship giant,  a temptation too strong to resist giant, a rebellious child giant, etc. Regardless as to whether your giant is mentioned, or not, your faith towards God has to be greater, or bigger than the giant you're tormented by.  There's nothing, nor weapon, nor anyone that can prevail against you as long as you believe ' there's nothing too hard for the Lord ' - Gen. 18:14a.  By faith, you can do, or execute all things through Christ that supplies your strength - Philippians 4:13. There is no weapon, evil tactic, device of the enemy, nor talk that's formed against you that will prosper - Isaiah 54:17.
         David's faith towards God causes him to choose weapons that symbolize the awesome power of God. He loads up with ammo ( 5 smooth stones ). He knows that God dominates all by being omnipresent; 1-He's above, 2-He's on the left, 3-He's on the right, 4-He's in the rear, 5-He's in front. Goliath is surrounded. David uses the shepherd's pouch, which is the heart of God. He loads his sling with his spiritual ammo with a spirit of readiness to revenge against evil - II Cor. 10:6.  Finally, the sealing of the matter is with the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God - Eph. 6:17b. His greatest weapon was ' In the name of the God of all Israel '. 
          The enemy constantly uses fear tactics to make you think your problem is unsolvable, or too big for God. David's battle was in the valley between two mountains facing a giant. He never once said ' he's bigger than me '.  But, he did say this, ' Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me - Psalm 23:4a.  You can be assured that your giants will always confront you in the valley. I cherish mountain top episodes, but the fight is in the valley, and it's when God gets his ultimate glory. Don't practice saying ' It's bigger than me '. Instead, say ' Greater is he that is in me, than he that is in the world ' - ref. I John 4:4b.

    Be blessed, victorious, and highly favored

This is how your faith looks against 
your giant before you believe.
This is how your faith looks against your giant when you believe.
This is how your faith looks against 
your giant when you work it.